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Wulop partner sponsor Blend. Permanent Makeup

Blend. Shines at WULOP 2023 World Championships

We are elated to share the exciting news of Blend.'s successful sponsorship at the WULOP 2023 World Championship of Permanent Artists. This global event, drawing participants from 60 countries, provided an exceptional platform for us to showcase our commitment to the Permanent Makeup (PMU) industry.

Highlighting Our Contributions,
Blend. proudly presented our range of fantastic products to participants, offering them a taste of innovation and quality.

Our sponsored educational session, "The Science Behind your PMU Art" by Akira Nitsche, brought the world of PMU a new approach of Pigmentology. We were thrilled to contribute to the growth and knowledge enhancement of PMU artists worldwide.

Connecting with Global Talent,
Meeting talented artists from diverse backgrounds was a true privilege. The vibrant exchange of ideas, techniques, and styles further solidified our commitment to supporting the artistry and innovation within the PMU community.

Future Commitments,
Blend. is dedicated to fostering creativity and skill development within the PMU industry. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with the incredible artists we had the pleasure of connecting with at WULOP 2023.

Heartfelt Thanks to the Organisers, 
A special thanks to the visionary organisers, Murat Irmak, Jenna Irmak, and Emir Irmak, for their exceptional efforts in orchestrating this unforgettable event. Your dedication and hard work have made a lasting impact, and we are grateful to have been a part of it.

Looking Forward, 
As we reflect on this remarkable experience, Blend. is enthusiastic about the future collaborations and innovations that will undoubtedly stem from the connections made at WULOP 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to support and elevate the standards of permanent makeup artistry globally.

Blend. Europe

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