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Blend. PMU Launch Europe Blendpmu

Blend. Launch Event | 19 November 2023 ANTWERP

Join us for the Unveiling of INNOVATION

2. Editie | 21 Januari 2024 | Hasselt 

Join us for the Unveiling of INNOVATION

Get ready for the revolution!

Blend® PMU has launched the most unique PMU product line that everyone is talking about! We invite YOU to celebrate this milestone with us.

At Blend® PMU, it's all about your creativity, while embracing a great responsibility. Our mission is to elevate the PMU industry by perfecting the quality of PMU art and creating awareness about the chemicals you implant in the human canvas as a PMU artist.

For three years, Akira, along with a great and international team of dermatologists, dermpathologists, scientists, chemists, immunologists, allergologists, and various manufacturers, has embarked on a journey of discovery and innovation. The result?

A revolutionary NEW line of PMU inks that are purer, safer, and cleaner for our skin and body. The Terra Mineral PMU inks and Corrector colors are the result of years of research, testing, and perfecting, and a testament to our dedication to innovation and perfection.


Recent research reveals new insights into the chemicals used in PMU inks and pigments, with ingredients such as carbon black and organic pigments being most scrutinized for potential long-term health risks.

Akira's mission was to educate PMU artists in factually grounded knowledge, rather than marketing stories on Instagram 'sources'! She launched this project with her groundbreaking training "The Science behind your PMU art."

A project she is currently traveling the world with, having already guided hundreds of artists.

And now the time has finally come that, in addition to passing on her expertise, she can also actually give artists CHOICES. Choice in color and choice in ingredients.


All PMU inks from Blend® make it possible to make very responsible choices to omit carbon black and/or organic pigments if not necessary! A choice that has not been possible until now, as you almost always buy ready-made formulas/bottles where these ingredients are already incorporated.

But why implant ingredients that we often do not need, and which also turn out to carry risks?

Less is More, especially when it comes to the chemicals we implant.
The Terra line is 100% mineral and free of carbon black CI 77266
The Terra line is free of titanium dioxide CI 77891
The Terra and Corrector lines are free of heavy irritants such as acrylates, isopropyl alcohol, and formaldehyde
The Terra and Corrector lines are free of unstable organic azo compounds
The Terra and Corrector lines are EU REACH approved as of 2022 new regulations
Blend. Displays


Morning 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

In-depth explanation of pigmentology and coloristics

Afternoon 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Live demonstration of Dusty Ombre Eyebrows with Blend® PMU pigments.

Learn exactly how to work with all pigments and truly achieve the most natural results for eyebrow perfection.

Drinks, Q&A 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Ask all your questions, experiment with colors, and end the day educatively.

All-Day Test & Try

Watch color swatches of all pigments

Test Blend's one-of-a-kind home care product: Texture Tint Brow Gels.

Test all models of the Pro Brushes and discover new levels of perfection in folders

Bonus: we introduce our newest Art Touch Concealers. Get ready to meet your favorite product for, during, and after your PMU, and/or Henna, Lami, and tinting treatments.

Goody bag for each participant

As a participant in this event and the masterclasses, you will also benefit from unique and exclusive offers and be the first to have the opportunity to join our international team of trusted resellers & trainers.

Be part of the Revolution, and let's redefine the world of PMU together.

Save the date: January 21, 2024 | Hasselt | Belgium.

To reserve your spot at this exclusive workshop, please confirm by October 30.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you and taking the PMU world to new heights.
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