As Micropigmentation/ PMU specialists/ Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, we implant pigments INTO the skin, and our work remains there for a long time! In-depth knowledge of PMU colours, ink ingredients, and the evolution of the products you place in the skin is essential to perform your work safely and professionally.

This intensive course is designed for all PMU specialists who have insufficient knowledge of colour, ink, pigment, and want to visibly improve their (healed) PMU / Cosmetic Tattoo results. After completing this intensive training, you will gain confidence , all your doubts about colours will be eliminated, and you will be able to make the right choices for colours and pigment types for all your PMU treatments!

This course will elevate your KNOWLEDGE by 100 steps and make all the pieces fall into place with must-know information and life-hacks! We focus on enriching your knowledge with FACTS, not (sales) myths. After this day, you will be able to read and understand everything on the labels of inks/pigments, so you can make informed and correct choices about which colours and products YOU want (and are allowed) to work with on the skin!

We don't stop at just reading labels but also inform you about what to expect in the long-term evolution in the skin so that you can anticipate the most beautiful results year after year for all your clients during their (annual) touch-ups.

Reactions from our students who have gone before you are overwhelming, and words that appear in every review and feedback are: a true "EYEOPENER," "HONEST and REFRESHING INFORMATION," "UPGRADING OF KNOWLEDGE," and "CAREER-CHANGING."

We expect you to be a PMU artist with experience in pigmentation of, for example, eyebrows, lips, and/or eyeliners. This training will upgrade your current knowledge to new levels, making you even more passionate and responsible in your work. Additionally, your efficiency and work speed will increase because you will make better choices in technique and inks for every client.

Knowledge is POWER and will manifest in the most beautiful healed results ever!